Sneezing Kids

I am the mom of two children and an auntie of eight, alhamdulillah. I am visiting my family this summer, and it is wonderful to be together. However, it is also very challenging!

One thing that happens a lot is sneezing. I just recovered from a sinus infection caused by a child sneezing in my face, and today another child sneezed right in my direction.

This was a difficult thing for me to deal with, and it affected my mood, especially since I seem to be prone to sinus infections. I am thankful that Allah (swt)has taught me about vitamin D3, which has helped me so much with preventing and treating my colds. However, today my sleep was not so good and my mood took a downturn.

I hope that readers will understand that it is so important to be AWARE of yourself when you are feeling low. Sometimes we ignore our low feelings, and this is not good because you need to take care of yourself. Do something to feel better. Take a break. Do what you can to relax with the circumstances you have.

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