What I Love About Islam Is This (A Poem)

imagesKR2M3H6RThe focus on God above all else,
The urge to love others as one would oneself.

Even the little things, like washing our feet.
A mini-massage—relaxing and sweet.

The importance of marriage,
It’s not a piece of cake,
But it’s for our own good,
If done for His sake.

Praying 5 times a day
Is a constant reminder
That we were created
To remember our Creator.

Fasting in Ramadan
Is not easy to do,
Yet when we finish the month,
We regret that it’s through.

The Quran constantly teaches
To give charity.
Doing good deeds
Is the priority.

Have you performed Hajj?
I hope to one day,
To see how Islam
Transcends status and race.

The urge to be patient
When life brings us down,
The hope that you’ll smile
Soon after the frown.

The forgiveness of Allah—
He wants us to know,
That it’s never too late
To spiritually grow.

A list of loves that will never end,
What do you love about Islam, my friend?

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  1. Tahreem

    I love Islam because it makes sense
    Has an awesome solution for all my problems
    It makes us one wherever we are
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a brother or sister

    Gives meaning to life and a purpose to survive

    It’s the only solution for the problems of mankind
    I’m proud and grateful to Allah for giving me the blessing of Emaan!


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