What I Say to Myself to Snap Out of a Low Mood

There is something I tell myself to snap out of a low mood. 

It’s very obvious but somehow it helps me. 

Here is what I say:

“Allah does not benefit from my low mood, so why not be happy?”

Of course Allah (swt) does not benefit from our low moods. Allah does not benefit from our high moods either. Allah is Independent and doesn’t benefit from us in any way. 

Why does this help me?

I think because it reminds me that low moods serve no purpose. So why not just be happy? When I’m happy, I do more good deeds anyway. I feel good. I am more pleasant to be around. 

Allah (swt) gets absolutely no benefit from my feeling low. So what is the point then? 

Related to this is the heartbreaking news about what our sisters and brothers from Gaza are facing. But does it help them for us to feel depressed/hopeless? Does this help them in any way? What would help them is for us to take positive actions, such as praying for them, giving in charity, spreading awareness, etc. 

Feeling bad about ourselves, or about the news, is not helping anyone–it’s actually harmful. 

I personally listen to the news very little. The news is mostly about things that bring our vibration down. Sometimes news can affect our faith/iman. That is definitely not good.

So the next time you are feeling low, say to yourself: “Allah does not benefit from my low mood, so why not be happy?”  

For more ideas for snapping out of a low mood, check out my book, “How to be a Happy Muslim Insha’Allah” and my YouTube Channel: “Sheima Salam Sumer”.


  1. Wael

    As Salam alaikum sister Sheima
    That’s a great perspective! It’s often the simplest reminders that can have the most poweful impact. Finding ways to lift ourselves up, especially with a positive affirmation like that, is truly valuable. We have to Keep sharing our positivity.

    1. Sheima (Post author)

      Walaikum as salam Brother Wael, thank you so much for your kind words! I really appreciate your comment. Yes sometimes the simplest reminders can make a big difference. 🙂


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