A Beautifully Written Book Review

Alhamdulillah, my book How to be a Happy Muslim Insha’Allah is now available on Amazon.com. Sis. Shaheen of the blog www.theseekerspath.wordpress.com has written a beautiful review of my book, which is below:

Is it possible to be happy in today’s world? With wars and killings and misery spread all over the media… can we have peace and contentment?

Despite all the technological progress which was meant to make our lives easier; we find ourselves being immersed in all sorts of problems that we never knew in the previous decades. The solutions that the world has come up with, have only made matters worse and we see an increased tension in the air… the whole world seems to be in a rush as if gripped by some unseen monster who has made them forget why they are rushing in the first place? The result in an ever increasing sense of dissatisfaction… anxiety… fear and helplessness. Outwardly people seem to be enjoying the luxurious lifestyle, but inwardly there is a sense of loss and deprivation. But how to get out of this trap? How to feel bliss, contentment, peace and inner strength and satisfaction? How to feel REALLY and TRULY… Happy?

Sheima Salam Sumer’s book “How to be a happy Muslim, In-sha-Allah” is like a cool breeze in a hot summer day or rather an oasis in a desert… where you can truly relax and find the ways to achieve HAPPINESS which she defines as an inner state of peace, contentment and inner strength.
This book is based on the idea that your happiness and peace of mind is your own choice and that you can learn to make this shift from being a miserable, sorrowful, tense and anxious person to a happy and content individual. Instead of thinking that you cannot be happy because you have problems… the idea is to think that you choose to be happy because you have problems that need to be solved, and that cannot be solved if you remain miserable and tense.

Starting from the core reason for our unhappiness which is in being disconnected with our Creator and the purpose of creation itself… leading to several great ideas to re-build this connection… you will find in this book a healthy mix of spiritual and physical treatment which will fulfil your body as well as the soul which makes it alive!

The beauty of this book is that although all the ideas are interrelated and sequential, yet each chapter and each point seems to be a complete recipe in itself which we can internalize in our day to day life. Instead of going in the depths of endless philosophical details, the writer has the wisdom to tell you exactly how to make this all important shift in your perceptions and feelings.

What I loved the most about this book is that it encourages you to take control of your reactions and to stop feeling like a victim to your outer world. It teaches you how to become grateful… how to see your blessings more than your problems… how to let go of the past… and mostly how to let go of your negative way of thinking which is the biggest hurdle in your way to living a happy, contented life.

I am sure that readers will find it greatly beneficial and use it in their daily life… in the words of the author: It is like a cookbook full of recipes… so it is up to you, how many dishes you learn and enjoy!!

I pray that may Allah reward Sister Sheima for her commendable effort and make it a source for endless rewards and blessings for her as well as the whole Ummah… Ameen

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