How a Ripple in the Water is a Metaphor for Life

“Bear patiently that which afflicts you. Truly that is the firmness of affairs.”

The Holy Quran 31:17

In shaa Allah, my book is about to be published, and on the front cover is a picture of a ripple in the water. This picture is a metaphor for How To Be A Happy Muslim Insha’Allah.

When a stressor of life falls into our water, it creates a ripple effect. A stressor of life could be anything that disturbs our inner peace, such as “rocks” thrown by other people or just difficult situations we may be in. The ripple is our disturbance. The hope is that, if you can train yourself to be patient, be calm, turn to Allah (swt) and use “coping skills,” your ripple will eventually even out and become calm water again. When we fight the ripple, we actually throw more rocks into the water, and this makes the ripple effect last longer.

My hope for you, dear readers, is that you will start to be aware of when you are going through a “ripple effect.” I hope that you will “wait it out” before trying to fight the ripple. When you are back to being “still water,” then that is the best time to try to solve your problems, if needed.


  1. Umm Aaliyah

    MaashaaAllah short and so very sweet!!! True indeed, I tried to figure out the meaning from the title but your explanation was very worthwhile and beneficial as always. May Allah bless you and reward you, Ameen.

    1. Sheima (Post author)

      Thank you so much dear Amaal. May Allah bless and reward you too!


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