7 Ways Life Is Like Flying On an Airplane


…And take a provision (With you) for the journey, but the best of provisions is right conduct. So fear Me, o you who are wise. (Holy Quran, 2:197)

Alhamdulillah, I just flew from Northern Iraq to America to visit my family, travelling on 4 planes in about 24 hours. I am used to these adventures and I always get a spiritual boost from travelling.

So, here are some of my insights on how life is like flying on an airplane. 🙂

1. For both “trips”–this life and flying on an airplane–we must make many prayers to Allah (swt). We must constantly remember Allah (swt) and ask for His protection and help for our safe arrival to our final destination.

2. Both “trips” are uncomfortable sometimes! On planes, you use your pillows to make yourself more comfortable, and in life, you use those “coping ideas” to deal with difficulties–coping ideas such as going for a walk or talking to a caring person. Also, we have to make the best of our “trips”. Both life and long trips are challenging, but it helps if you stay positive and grateful.

3. Both “trips” are temporary. This life is temporary, as are airplane trips. Have hope in your final destination and in the mercy of Allah (swt).

4. It is best to “pack light” for both trips. Travelling on planes is easier if we pack less–we will have less to carry. In this world, it’s a good idea to “pack less”. We shouldn’t invest in too many material items in this world, because attachments to worldly things will slow down our spiritual journey. Live simply and focus more on investing in the next world, through good deeds and worship of Allah (swt).

5. On both “trips” we will need help from other people (of course this help is ultimately from Allah swt). We must remember to ask others for help, such as a stewardess or a friend, but we also should know that these people are temporary and that the most important, permanent relationship is the one we have with Allah (swt).

6. The food is not that great on airplanes, and compared to the next world, the food and provisions of this world are not that great either. We are patient with what we receive, and we know that the next world’s “food” will be unimaginably better than this world’s.

7. Both “trips” have their ups and downs, but if we remember to be patient, we will reach our destination with joy and gratitude, inshaAllah!

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