What is the Best Way to Study Tafseer by Shaheer Ahmad

What is the best way to study Tafseer?

Do you know what is Tafseer? And what importance does it holds?

Well, if not, here is a brief discussion on Tafseer and the best way to study it.

Holy Quran is a source of guidance that enlightens a Muslim’s life. It is a special book that contains all the rules for living life and dealing with its matters. To understand the Holy Quran, you must know the literal meanings of its verses.

Tafseer helps you understand the Holy Quran, and you can learn it in your online tajweed quran class to improve your understanding of Tafseer. You can also hire a tutor for it or can join an online academy.

What is Tafseer?

It is a concept of understanding the Holy Quran and the meanings of the verses. It is a science of highlighting the general meaning of the verses and their significance.

It is very unfortunate that Muslims only pay attention to Holy Quran recitation and forget to understand it. Therefore, people are weaker in Tafseer and are connected to Holy Quran at the surface level.

To have deep knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran, it is essential to learn and pay attention to Tafseer. People often have a misconception that Tafseer is the word-to-word translation but it is not.

Tafseer is basically driving from the Arabic word Tafsir, which means exegesis. It is the correct interpretation of the verses that helps you understand the hidden concept behind the verses.

The linguistic meaning of the word Tafseer is interpretation, and you can learn it to shed light on a matter that requires deep analysis and thinking. Tafseer covers different topics like literature, Grammar, Quranic sciences, and other Arabic rules.

You can also learn Arabic syntax through Tafseer and lift the curtains on a matter that stays hidden. Holy Quran is a problem solver for people of all eras, and it will stay a source of guidance till the day of judgment. You can consult Holy Quran for any matter and you will find a solution in it.

But that does not mean you will get the answer directly.

Sometimes, the Almighty wants you to understand the Holy Quran and take wise decisions according to what Allah has said on that particular matter. So, to have proper knowledge and understanding it is essential to learn Holy Quran with Tafseer.

You can start this journey during your Noorani Qaida learning to build a strong base. Some parents make wise decisions and they ask their children to join Tafseer classes along with noorani qaida with tajweed class.

What is the best way to learn Tafseer?

Tafseer learning is a journey where you have to use different ways to continue to understand the importance. You can use the following practical methods for Tafseer learning.

1. Learn through Quran

If you have to choose the best way to learn Tafseer there is no other foremost method other than through Holy Quran. It is more simple and also an effective way to get familiar with Tafseer and its connection with Holy Quran.

Learning through Quran is basically understanding the thought behind a verse and its connection with referring to other verses. In this way, when you build connections you get a complete story behind the verse, and everything gets clear.

Sometimes when we read the translation we get confused. It is because we lack grip in Tafseer and end up in doubts and questions. But when we learn Tafseer through Holy Quran, all the doubts are cleared, and a clarification comes to our mind.

2. Through Sunnah

It is the second-best way to learn Tafseer because the Holy Prophet is the practical version of the Holy Quran. The life of the Holy Prophet is based on what Allah said in Holy Quran and whatever he did became sunnah for Muslims.

After Holy Quran, sunnah is the most authentic source of guidance, and to learn Tafseer, you have to look at the life of the Holy Prophet. He has explained everything with his actions, and you can rely on Sunnah to learn Tafseer.

Keep the sunnah in front of you, and get all the answers related to Holy Quran and its verses.

3. Through Aathaar

Aathaar is basically the sayings of companions (RAA), and you can also use it as a learning source for Tafseer. It is because they lived according to Holy Quran, and most of them get the chance to live with Holy Prophet as well.

So, they have better Quran knowledge and whatever they have said is authentic. You can trust their saying and learn Tafseer through them.

4. Through language

For a non-Arabic, it is hard to understand Holy Quran. But if they learn Arabic, it would help them in learning Tafseer. It is not a perfect learning option but is still something that you can rely on.

Not many people support this idea because a lot of changes were observed in Arabic, and changes in vocabulary affected the meaning of words. It was a natural change, but you can still use it to learn Tafseer, after having a proper understanding of Arabic.

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