5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Quran in Ramadan

Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims in the entire year. During this month, devils are chained up, special blessings of Allah are bestowed, and doing good deeds gets easier. You may have noticed that people give more time to read the Quran in this Holy month. Everyone tries to get as many blessings of Allah as possible. 

If you don’t know how to read the Quran, this is an ideal opportunity to learn it. Pandemic has made it risky to go to a mosque to learn Quran reading. But online Quran classes have got your back. In this post, we will let you know why you should learn and read the Quran in Ramadan At the end, you will also come to know how you can learn the Quran online. So let’s get started. 

Here are a few reasons why you should learn the Quran in Ramadan. 

  1. It Gets Easier To Learn The Quran

Everyone knows this very well that devils are chained up in the Holy month of Ramadan. That’s why it gets easier for everyone to learn the Holy Quran. That’s the reason why it gets easier to get closer to Allah Almighty in Ramadan. Even making a little effort will help you develop your interest towards Quran learning. This is one of the reasons why Muslims read more Quran during Ramadan as compared to the other months of the year. 

  1. To Save Yourself From Sins

You should have only one goal while fasting: to get closer to Allah. To do so, doing good deeds isn’t enough. You have to abstain yourself from committing sins. The best way to avoid doing sins is to keep yourself intact with Allah Almighty. For that purpose, learning the Quran helps. You can keep yourself busy and avoid doing sins. 

  1. You Get More Reward In Ramadan

Normally, you get 10 rewards per letter of the Holy Quran you read, making it one of the most convenient ways of increasing your good deeds. But that’s not the case in Ramadan. During this holy month the rewards of every good deed are multiplied many times. So you can increase your good deeds multiple times. That’s why the month of Ramadan is the ideal opportunity to get more and more rewards from Allah by doing even a petty noble deed. 

  1. Get The True Essence Of Fasting

The purpose of fasting isn’t to be thirsty and starved the whole day. But the goal is to understand how you can control your Nafs. The goal is to get closer to Allah Almighty. The goal is to understand what it feels like to have an empty stomach (poor). To get the true essence of fasting, try reading as much Holy Quran as possible. If you don’t know how to read the Quran, try learning it because there is plenty of time during this month. 

  1. Discounts On Online Quran Learning

No doubt online Quran learning is one of the best ways to learn this Holy Book. Yet, some people think that learning the Quran online can be costly. However, online Quran academies offer a variety of discounts during Ramadan to encourage everyone to learn Quran online. That’s why you should definitely go for online Quran learning in Ramadan. 

The process is pretty simple. Find the best online Quran teaching academy. Then choose the type of online Quran course you are interested in. Then opt for the package that best fits your needs and budget. Next, pay their fee and start learning the Quran online. The online Quran teachers will teach you by sharing their screen in a video call with you. 

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