Islamic Happiness Reminders by Ghostwriter

With God’s blessing I have decided to write a book to inspire others with Allah’s verses of the Quran as well as the Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

  1. Lesson One I have learned in my life through God’s guidance is that truly you should never despair in Allah’s mercy. “My servants, you who have transgressed against yourselves, do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Truly Allah forgives all wrong actions. He is the Ever-Forgiving, the Most Merciful.” (39:53)
  2. No matter how hard things get, better days are to come as per Allah’s promise, “After every hardship comes ease,” (94:5) which once again reminds us that God’s mercy is near. He just wants to test our patience with His glory, so as to give higher ranks in Jannah, God-willing. Insha’Allah this motivates us not to think that your depression will last. No matter how hard it gets, it will get better. That is a promise from our Lord the Almighty and “truly He is Capable of all things” (5:120). This does not mean one should not get medical help as the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) mentioned in a hadith, “Tie your camel first, then rely on Allah.” (Tirmidthi) For example, take an antidepressant if needed, then rely on Allah bismillah.
  3. When you suffer from a flu, think of it in a good way, as the hadith mentions that sins are erased through the trial when you keep up with beautiful patience. May we all always do so ameen.  The Prophet (SAW) said: “Hardships continue to befall a believing man and woman in their body, family, and property, until they meet Allah burdened with no sins.” (Tirmidthi)
  4. Keep company with righteous friends so you may learn from them the words of success from Allah and His Messenger and may lead a successful life and afterlife Bi’ithnillah (with the permission of Allah). Ways to Make Righteous Friends: going to a mosque, praying with them, asking questions.
  5. Shaytan the devil is our enemy. Allah is your Best Friend (Al Waliy). “… and sufficient is Allah as an Ally, and sufficient is Allah as a Helper.” (4:45) Do not adhere to what you know for a fact is sinful just because the devil tried to beautify it. He promises you fire (minutes of pleasure and eternal fire and misery). Allah promises you eternal bliss, gardens filled with flowing streams with all things your soul desires to lie in eternally.
  6. Even then if you have sinned do not despair of your Lord’s mercy as mentioned earlier. Satan does not wish for you to repent. Rather Allah is the Most Merciful. He loves those who repent. In fact, He loves them more than those who are arrogant, thinking they do nothing wrong. We are human. Forgive yourself so Allah can forgive you. The Beauty of Repentence:  

…And seek God’s forgiveness! Truly God is much Forgiving and Merciful. (2:199)

Whoso does evil or oppresses his own self and thereafter seeks God’s forgiveness shall find God Most Forgiving, Merciful. (4:110)

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) reported that the devil said to God: “I shall continue to lead Thy servants astray as long as their spirits are in their bodies.” And God replied: “(Then) I shall continue to pardon them as long as they ask My forgiveness.” (Tirmidthi)

God says) O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it. (Tirmidthi)

It is important to try not to repeat the sin while you know it is wrong. Try your best–that is all Allah is asking from you, and pray to Allah that He may not take your soul without having erased your sins. Truly Allah responds to all those who call upon Him:

And if My servants ask thee about Me – behold, I am near; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me: let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so that they might follow the right way. (2:186)

“…But it may well be that you hate a thing the while it is good for you, and it may well be that you love a thing the while it is bad for you: and God knows, whereas you do not know.” (2:216)

7. We all need Reminders. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to pray for “sabat” or steadfastness all the time, so for sure we need it too. Prayers:

“Yaa Muqallabal Quloob, Thabbit Qalbi ‘Alaa Deeniki”

Oh Transformer of the hearts! Make my heart steadfast on Your deen!

“Allahumma Laa Taj’al MuSeebati fid deeni”

Do not grant me a calamity in my Religion Oh dear Lord of the worlds!

Pray humbly and secretly from your heart and with fear only for Allah.

Laa Takhshowhum wakh showni

Allah says: “Don’t be scared of them but fear Me.” (2:150)

8. Do not spy on others or Assume.

“Inna Ba’AdaZZanni Ithm”

Indeed, some assumption is sin.  (49:12)

The consequences of this will only make your life harder when Allah wishes for you ease, a righteous life and eternal gardens.

Example: A woman spies on her husband, finds something she doesn’t like, divorces him and then regrets it.

Allah keeps things away from you for a good reason. Rather spend your time gaining Islamic knowledge. May we all end doing good deeds as truly this is all that will remain for you — your good deeds, and knowledge of Islam that you have taught through the mercy of Allah, so do not be miserly, rather share and gain sawaab.

Allah wishes for you to do good deeds so as to enter His gardens. Yet you choose the opposite way and complain. Still Allah is Merciful and accepts your repentance. Now follow the Quran slowly in stages and the Sunnah if you want higher ranks in heaven.

—You want eternal happiness, this is the way.

—You want only temporary happiness, Allah is still Merciful and will give it to you, but you get no share in the hereafter.

That’s why a beautiful dua is: “Allah give us the good of this world (peace through good deeds), the good of the hereafter (jannah: eternal bliss), and keep us away from the fire (punishment for evil deeds).  

You get the shares you work for with implementation of Quran and Sunnah in your life.

9. Life is nothing more than a test. So don’t be too hard on yourself for finding the perfect job, the perfect wife, etc.

–Rather find the righteous job, the righteous wife, and pray for “Barakah”. Barakah, or Divine Blessing, is more important than quantity. Quality over quantity here matters SubHanAllah.  

–If you do not get it right away and you are following Quran and Sunnah as much as you can, then do not despair. Rather be patient and keep praying. “…Seek (Allah’s) help with patience and prayer: and most surely it is a hard thing except for the humble ones.” (Holy Quran 2:45)

May we all be one of them.

It only means Allah has something amazing for you for your patience and perseverance. Wait and be surprised. This world is temporary and the hereafter is eternal; it’s worth it.

10. The Power of Ayat Al Kursy

It was reported that if said after each prayer one will enter Jannah. “Whoever recites Aayatul Kursi after every Fard (Fard Salah),… …only death is keeping him/her from entering Jannah. (As soon as he/she dies, will enter Jannah) (Nisa’i, Ibne Habban, Ibnelsani A’n Abi Amatah Albahili Radiallah Anhu)

May Allah remind us all of it after each prayer.

11. Power of Surah Al Mulk

If recited every night, may Allah remind us, all or at least whenever we can Ya Rabb, it keeps you away from the torment of the grave. And as we know from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) it is the worst of torments. May Allah keep us all away from its punishment through good deeds and remembering to recite Al Mulk when we can, Ameen.

12. Jumuah, the Power of Righteousness in Jumuah Friday Prayer.

Praying in the Mosque on Friday brings upon you blessings. May Allah remind us all. It is not so important for women but for men it is really a blessing.

13. Do not bring about Reminders of your good. Such attributes are a form of arrogance that is only reserved for Allah the Almighty. “O you who have believed, do not invalidate your charities with reminders or injury as does one who spends his wealth [only] to be seen by the people and does not believe in Allah and the Last Day.” (2:264). May Allah forgive us all.

14. Pray. Read. Good Deeds.

Prayer = Success. Remember the meaning of the Adhan: “Hurry to Success!” Why would you not? Why complain? Complain to Allah. He may send you His servant to guide you insha’Allah, or what you need. May He guide us all.

Read the Quran and Sunnah. Follow on social media. There are many reminder groups. Just type Quran/Sunnah and you will find many.

15. Dua Break:

Finally Allah don’t take us to account if we forget or do evil.

Forgive us with your mercy.

Do not give us more than what we can handle.

Give us Your mercy. You are our Ally so save us from the disbelievers.

Allah may You not keep our hearts attached to anything but you Ameen.

Bless us with Your love and the love of those You love ameen.

Grant us ease of trials in this life. Make us pass them so as to reach the highest Jannah with Prophet Muhammad (SAW). With grace ameen.

Barak Allaho Feekom,

Wa fee deenokom,

Wa hayattikom.

May Allah bless you in your religion, in your life, and afterlife Ameen.

May Allah grant us all contentment in this life and the one to come in His highest Jannah Ameen.

May we all meet in the highest Jannah with the mercy of Allah on us in this life and the life to come Ameen.  

16. Health Tips:

           –Eat 7 dates to prevent yourself from evil eye and black magic ( Al-Bukhaari (5445) and Muslim (2047) narrated from Sa‘d ibn Abi Waqqaas that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever eats seven ‘ajwah dates in the morning, will not be harmed by any poison or witchcraft that day.” )

–Use sewak to clean your teeth. A great book for reference is Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet available on Amazon.

–Drink hot drinks with honey

–Use black seed oil and olive oil

–Rose water is so refreshing! I have tried it myself once sprayed on my face. It’s amazing if drank with cold water; very refreshing and with warm water, very cozy.

–Rose water oil when rubbed on the liver very cleansing, or rose oil as the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said.

–Ginger ginger ginger and more ginger sobHanAllah works on the stomach and cough like a miracle!

–Green tea a great way to wake up–Running : a great way to relax when feeling restless – sounds contradicting but very correct, in fact have you ever felt less worried after you took a run?

17. Confusion and Uncertainty

To continue the book I have decided by Allah’s will to offer the believers some more inspiring tips from the Almighty Lord. Many brothers and sisters are facing a state of confusion nowadays. I must admit that I understand how annoying this can be. The best advice I can give for that is to make a firm decision and go with it.  

Allah has been so kind to the Ummah by giving them a guarantee that if they make a decision then rely on Him, He will be there for them.

“…And consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah . Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].” (3:159)

The reason I am writing this is because after receiving many complaints from people who are seeking Islamic knowledge I have realized the burden of the state of uncertainty.

One of my favorite surahs in the Quran addressed to our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) is Surah Inshirah (Chapter 94):

Did We not expand for you, [O Muhammad], your breast?

And We removed from you your burden

Which had weighed upon your back

And raised high for you your repute.

For indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.

So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship].

And to your Lord direct [your] longing.

I find this surah very promising for those who rely on Allah when in distress.

18. Dealing With Loss:

We all in this world of test will and have experienced some sort of loss.

The only thing that differs in the state of a true believer is his optimistic way of dealing with it, which Allah taught us by our dear Prophet of Mercy.

  1. Keep Busy.

The reason Allah ordained believers to keep company with the ones who lost others is for their minds to be distracted.

2. Pray for Them.

It will be insha’Allah a form of healing, not only for them but for you.

3. Focus on Improving Yourself.

Remember on the Day of Resurrection you will be accountable for your deeds. Let it be a motivation to better oneself.

4. Exercise.

The release of serotonin and dopamine in your body will truly help give you a boost in the mood.

5. Sadaqa

Give charity. It heals the soul SubHanAllah

6. Remember that You Are Not Alone.

Allah is waiting to hear from you 24 hours.

19.  Easy Way of Looking At Life/ Finding Allah’s Islam = Peace

  1. The Journey is not as complicated as one makes it. Why are we here?

–to be tested.

2. When does life make our souls at peace?

–when we stay close to Allah.

3. Our ending is not as complicated

–with our Creator

4. Where do we find mercy?

–Mercy is clearly with our Master.

–In the name of Allah, the Lord of Mercy, the Giver of Mercy

–Find Allah = Find the reason to this world

–This world is owned not by humans rather by the Owner of Peace–It’s King–God

5. The Power of God

He is our Owner.

When one follows his Owner, he gets a good salary.

Empires are owned by kings.

Our existence is in the hands of our King.

Why would we go elsewhere to find guidance?

Just as a king has a servant, Allah has servants, and those servants are us.

Just as some servants are obedient and receive mercy for that, the same way our Lord of the world rewards His slaves.

20. Light on the Tongue Loved by Allah

SubHanAllah wa biHamdihi

SubHanAllahil Azeem

Easy Zikr: can be done while running, while cooking

*Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha illAllah

21. Friday Rituals

-cut your nails

-take a bath: Allah loves those who are clean

-read Surah Kahf

-go to the mosque near you to pray Zuhr

-have lunch with a family member

-say lots of prayers on Rasool Allah

-Allahumman Salli wa Sallam Wa Barek ‘Ala Nabiyyuna Muhammad

-Spray the house with musk or lavender and play surat Al Baqarah

22. Quick Energy Boosts

–Fun and Easy

-5 Jumping Jacks

-Wudu (ablution) with cold water

-Prayer: Allah we seek refuge in you from laziness

-Play your favorite dance tune

-Stretching or pilates

-Coconut cream (spread on your body and say Bismillah)

-Ginseng (capsules or tea or syrup) — one spoon

-Ginko Biloba

-Omega capsules (3 a day)

-Power Energizers: Milk with Dates; Honey Milk Shake

23. Benefits of Red Roses in the House

-absorbs energy

-natural anti depressant

-can be used to make natural rose water after a while (squeeze the juice of the flower and add water)

-looks pretty

-living creation of Allah in the home

-Something you didn’t know: All plants say SubHanAllah

-greenery adds positive energy to our mental health

-the color red has a positive effect on the mind

-petals can be used by kids to make art with glue on paper

24. Some Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

-Pomegranate (mentioned in the Quran)

-Olives (used for therapy against evil eye)

-Dates (multivitamin fruit; favorite of Prophet Muhammad saw)

-Figs (a whole chapter of Quran named after it)

-Oranges (immunity booster)

-Avocados (great for depression and skin)

-coconut (softens the skin)

-grapes (blood circulator)

-apples (relax stomach)

-lemon (purifies organs)

-Mangoes (refreshes)

25. Healthy Herbs and Remedies

-Chamomile (great for insomnia and upset stomach)

-mint (calming)

-vinegar (purifies the intestines)

-peppermint (relaxing)

-anise (energy booster)

-cinnamon (menstrual regulator)

-Aloe vera (protects against sun damage)

-Garlic (natural antibiotic; better when cooked)

-thyme (cough soother when boiled in water)

-oregano (tasty and healthy)

-onion (cough suppressant)

-honey (remedy for most diseases)

-black seeds (recommended by Prophet Muhammad saw; the best cure)

-Mecca (purification of the soul after you perform rituals at Masjid Al Haram)

-Make your own skin treatment: Mix your favorite face cream with 3 spoons of milk and a spoon of raw hone

-Mix zam zam water with your favority body lotion (can be applied on hair too)

-miracles of zam zam water: cures cancer, blesses the body, heals sickness, nourishes the soul

-Benefits of Musk: clears poison from the system, prevents stomach aches, anti-inflammatory

-Benefits of Barley: easily digested, heals colds and flus, lowers cholesterol levels, fights intestine cancer

26. Lift Me Up Remedies:

-yogurt with honey

-cereal with milk and honey

-popcorn, caramelized, homemade

-keep your body and face always moisturized with a well scented cream

-use siwak to clean your teeth

-use tea tree oil

-cut a split piece of your hair and wash

-take a shower

-sit in the sun

27. Commonly Asked Questions

-Can I pray for my own death?

answer: Ask God to keep you alive as long as life is good for you.

-Can Jinn see me?

answer: Jinn can see us but they cannot harm us as long as we seek refuge in Allah from them

-Can technology ruin our relationships?

Ans: Not if used in the right way. Example: download Quran applications

-How does one receive answers from Allah?

Ans: He may send you people to guide you, so listen. He may delay a request for your own benefit. He may remove someone from your life who may be of harm to you, so trust Him. Allah speaks to His slaves (us) through verses in the Quran, so listen and apply to your own circumstance. To Him is your return. May we all return as righteous slaves ameen.

28. The Power of the Quranic Verses and their Healing

-Surat Al Ikhlas, Falaq, Nas, Ayatul Kursi: when said 3 times–protection until sunrise or sunset

-when read when feeling down soon after you will feel better insha’Allah

-each letter read is a good deed

-when read during Fajr time, Allah is near

-the verses will speak for you or against you on the day of Judgment, so take time to understand them from a scholar

-the verses will keep you calm in your grave if you learn them by heart for that sake, may we all learn ameen

-Apply the verses where Allah spoke to Prophet Muhammad (s) and your life will make sense

29. Ties of Kinship

-Importance of keeping them even if not reciprocated

-a mother worries all the time; do a good deed and tell her you are fine

-Importance of breastfeeding: keep your baby healthy, preferred by Allah, keeps you productive, purifies the body

-Importance of having a meal with your loved one:

sharing is caring

time to converse and thank Allah for His blessings

family time

accepting an invite removes the sin of the person who invited you

30. The Importance of Seeking Refuge in Allah from Demons and the Danger of Our own Selves

-I seek refuge in Allah from shaytan and his whispers and the danger of my own self

-don’t stare in the mirror too long or spend unnecessary time in the bathroom

-say the Fatihah 7 times in a glass of water and drink it

-blow 3 times on your left

-perform ablution

-read a verse of the Quran

-keep busy with any halal activity you enjoy

-distract yourself

-if possible, travel or take a road trip

-see a proper psychiatrist

-perfume the house with burning incense and open a page of the Quran

-keep your body and face always moisturized with a well scented cream

-use siwak to clean your teeth

30. The Idea of Time in Islam

-In Islam, one’s time is of great value to the community

-the feeling of being responsible for bettering the life of your community creates a purpose to one’s time and money beyond worldly matters

-In Islam one must try their best to serve their community in order to gain the rewards of this life and the next.

-Giving time is not considered as a favor to the person; rather it is an act of worship

-the kindness given to the community creates a harmonious life

31. Tips of the Week

-Eat more fiber

-Keep yourself fit

-eat more greens

-add vitamin C to your diet

-face the Qibla: it improves your eye sight

-chew gum: it relaxes the nerves

-eat fruits

-add broccoli to your diet: it’s the strongest anti-cancer fruit

-go for a picnic

-give away an item for the sake of Allah

-think of one thing you are grateful for and thank Allah for it while doing sujood

-choose your favorite mosque in your country and perform a prayer there

-take an art class

-take a cooking class

-find out what your favorite sport is and give it a try

Prayer of the Week: We ask Allah to bless our week and grant us high ranks in Paradise ameen!

32. The Concept of Trusting Your Creator

-the path of light is the path of faith

-Istikhara prayer: asking your Creator to give you guidance on a certain matter

33. Tips for Those New to Islam:

For Girls and Women:

Easy Way to Wrap Your Hijab:

-use a pair of earrings to clip your scarf

-start with your favorite shall in the cupboard

-use light material–cotton

-choose colors you enjoy so as not to get bored

-watch YouTube videos on different ways to wear it and choose the one that makes you comfortable. Allah wishes for you ease.

For Our Men and Boys:

-start by attending Friday prayer at the mosque near you

-feel comfortable to ask the Imam questions

-make friends at the mosque

-attend lectures or watch YouTube videos

-learn about the history of the Kaaba

34. The Nafs Vs. The Devil Within Us

The Nafs:

-makes you doubt yourself

The Devil:

-beautifies the wrongdoing and makes you want it when you know deep down inside it is bad for you

The Nafs:

Works on your ego

The Devil:

Works on your pride

Remedy: Dear Allah we seek refuge in You from the harm of the devil within us and the harm of our nafs Ameen!

35. Rules of Etiquette in Islam:

-don’t arrive too early or leave too late when invited to a meal

-when greeted, greet with a similar greeting or a better one

-when your fellow Muslim is ill, go visit them or send them a message

-attend the condolences of your fellow Muslims losing their loved one

-don’t judge

-humble yourself before Allah humbles through a trial

-when you admire something say MashAllah

-think before you speak

-do not pass in front of a fellow brother or sister praying; wait until they are done or find another pathway

-Do not perform sujood before the Imam

-do not touch the Quran while menstruating

-keep clean

-keep your house well scented and organized

-consult with your partner when taking a decision that requires their approval

-dress and smell to impress when going to the mosque

-when you enter the masjid perform two rakats salutation of the masjid

-smile in the face of your fellow Muslim

-speak good or keep quiet

36. Dealing with Addiction in an Islamic Way

-Gradual withdrawal: The Quran came down in phases; Allah wishes for you ease not hardship

-Commit to first stopping for 3 days, then add on another 3 and so on

-If you slip, repent fast

-ask Allah in every prayer to help you get over the addiction

-replace the activity with a halal one

-increase your vitamin B intake

-have a chamomile tea or an anxiety prescribed pill when you feel the urge and try to pray, sleep, or go down for another activity with a righteous friend


-seek refuge in Allah when the urge happens

-Prayer: I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect words from the harm of the devils and their whispers and the harm of my nafs

-volunteer for the homeless; it will give you a bigger purpose to worry about

37. Best Times to Offer Supplications to Allah:

–during Sujood

-between the first and second call of prayer

-during rain

-while breaking fast

-before Fajr prayer

-At sunrise and sunset

-As we know, Allah has 99 names; we are encouraged to call upon Allah with His names when we supplicate. For example: “Oh Forgiver please forgive me.””Oh Patient One, give me patience.” “Oh Strong One, give me strength.”

-Some blessed verses: Ayat Al Kursi (Surat Al Baqara verse 254). and Last 2 Ayats of Surat Al Baqara (184 and 185)

38. Ideas to Revive Your Relationship

-buy her pink flowers

-buy her a stoned necklace

-go to the beach together

-go on an adventure

-go for a walk in a green space

-go for a picnic

-go for a romantic dinner

-writer her a letter

-cook him his favorite meal

-write him an appreciation note

39. Tips to Deal With Women While PMSing

-the Quran states keep away from them at that time

–reason being the pain and change in hormones causes emotional instability; thereby to avoid conflict Allah has given us advice

-Say something nice or stay away lol

40. Ideas for Gaining Sawaab (Points with Allah)

-help build a mosque

-feeding a poor person

-sponsoring an orphan

-providing blankets to the needy in winter

-distributing cold water and hats to the homeless in summer

-volunteer at an NGO

41. 3 Important Prayers:

-Allah make me die as a Muslim

-Allah keep me on your religion

-Allah grant me the honor of saying Laa ilaha illallah before death

42. The Beauty of Ramadan

-The devils are locked

-The angels ascend on Laylatul Qadr the night of peace

-The family gathers

-The doors of repentance are opened

-A chance to make righteous friends from the mosque

-focus on the requests you want from Allah and supplicate them at iftar time

43. Fun Ways to do Zikr:

-while running

-while cooking

-while organizing the house

-while exercising

-until you fall asleep

-while driving

-while deleting old photos from your phone

44. Benefits of Repentance

-your face glows

-Allah rejoices

-you feel happy

-you are energized naturally

-your heart is cleaned

-people will love you

-you feel secure

-Allah responds to your requests

-You become closer to Allah

-you feel peace in your soul

-the angels ask Allah for your mercy

45. How to reach the state of strong Imaan

-give up the haram

-keep up the prayer


-do zikr out of love for Allah and His mercy

-do a sadaqa (as many good deeds as you can)

-talk to Allah just as you talk to your therapist, asking for guidance and help

-read and study the Quran and Islam as a whole, and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his biography and character

-keep Allah in your heart in all the decisions you make and ask for His guidance and follow it

-be patient


-fearful of Allah

-loving to your Creator

-repent as soon as you make a mistake

46. Tips of the Month:

-sponsor an orphan

-send games to an elderly home

-visit a relative

47. Tips of the Day:

–seek knowledge from the Quran

-read one hadith

48. Tips of the Week:

-restrain your anger and get rewards with Allah

-feed a needy person

-pray tahajjud

49. Ways to Cure Oneself from Any Illness

-Quran (particularly Surat Al Baqara)

-Sadaqa ( example: build a water venue in a mosque)

-Feeding the needy (Ramadan boxes can be done all year round)

-Zamzam water (now available by order on Amazon online)


-duaas with Allah’s glorious 99 names

-Sujood (pleases the Lord and heals the body)

-laughter by Allah’s will (hang out with people you enjoy)

Ask Doctor before Intake:

-Baraqa seed (black seed crushed mixed with honey and milk)

-Olive oil (read Fatiha on it and eat with salad or bread)

-vinegar (antiseptic)

-Mint (heals the stomach and helps digestion)

-hot water with a squeeze of lemon

-spicy food (heals like a virus killer) only if you can

50. Lessons From Ramadan

-Sacrifice = Reward

-Ramadan is finished but the love of Allah and Avoidance of Disobedience Should Remain in our hearts in order for us to keep succeeding

-closeness of Allah creates coolness of the eyes through consistent dhikr

-Allah’s love should be the biggest love of our life even if this item is halal (example–husband, friend, sister)

-strengthening your iman creates love of Allah

-gaining Islamic knowledge creates love of our Prophet of Mercy (saw)

-the taste of the beauty of Iman would be a shame to lose after Ramadan

51. The Power of Love for the sake of Allah

-Friendships based on the love of Allah are the most cherished to our Lord.

-Their benefits come in different ways:

–1) The person is happy to help knowing his reward will be found with the Almighty

–2)The relation is blessed

-Note: befriending righteous people motivates you to be righteous and enlightens your soul

52. The Power of the first verses of Surat al Baqarah

-It explains Islam in a nutshell

  • Prosperity comes from firm faith in the hereafter
  • Guidance is all in the scripture
  • – be mindful of God and you will succeed in both worlds
  • May we all, ameen

53. Fun halal ways to keep happy 🙂 :

go to the supermarket and buy ur favorite chocolate enjoy it with some camomile tea and sleep to a funny innocent movie – have a walk in the park grab a coffee and contemplate into allahs creations for a few minutes while saying Sob7an Allah – try a new restaurant go on trip adviser choose and enjoy ur outing with a kind friend – read a book – go to the beach have an ice cream – go to the zoo and see how allahs creations are unique – if u get the chance to do a Omra or hejj even if donated by a loved one don’t miss out on the spiritual experience – visit a new mosque and pray there ( it is said that the floors we prayed on the more the better will witness on us Sob7an Allah ) try to pray in different locations and enjoy different mosques – take a boat ride with a loved one or a tour guide – go to a new mall even if ur to buy your favorite shampoo enjoy the purification of taking a long bath Mashaallah – write a letter to an old friend – rearrange your home putting nice scent – musk is always recommended as it keeps shaytan away and bring in angels specially if the Quran is recited -go for a swim in a new place – try horse riding – tennis – running in a new location – try cooking a recipe – try taking pictures of different beautiful places and send them to a dear friend or family member or even and orphan that u befriend for the sake of Allah why not volunteer at an orphanage u might be surprised at the love u get from the love u give to those who need it – allahs teaches us simple things that can brighten our day may Allah give us strength to implement them Ameen

54. Natural mood boosters :

coffee, chocolate, rose water combined with water , exercise, running , laughing how about a funny show to watch ? , reading the Quran , learning Islamic knowledge, smiling to a stranger even if they don’t smile back at u , u did it for the sake of Allah so await his rewards InshaAllah- May Allah make the Quran the spring of our hearts – have we ever really thought about what this meant and said it really feeling it ? Lets take a moment to do so – May Allah relieve our worries with his remembrance and make us smile just by the thought of his 99 glorious names – google the 99 names or you tube them u will find many versions of songs that are uplifting may Allah ease your worries by his remembrance Ameen , May we all meet in janat ferdaws by having followed the guidance given to us in the book of light Al Quran al kareem

55. Lessons from the Quran : when Moses is asked several times to keep patient the appearances of the events he saw were deceiving to him thereby we learn not to judge a book by its cover rather to either have faith in Allah in the sequence of events or at least to find out the reasons before assuming the worst ( refer to the Quran for the full story of Moses boarding the ship )


Miracles of Surah AlFatihah:

A cure and a prayer all at once.

Summarizes Islam. Heals the heart.


The answer of Allah’s prayers:

 Many people ask why Allah is not giving them what they want, so I decided to write explaining from the teachings of Islamic academics how Allah answers our prayers in different ways if we are patient.

Allah always has three answers by which He responds to His servants:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes but not now
  3. I have something better for you.

Allah is always knowing of what we need rather than what we want, therefore trust in his plan is essential in healing our wants.

Prayer: Allah do not attach our heart to anything that is not good for us and grant us contentment with what you choose as best for us ameen! 

58. How God Tests us with Blessings and Hardships:

  1. When Allah sends you a blessing, He expects you to be grateful.
  2. When one goes through hardships Allah expects you to be patient.

59. The meaning of Love Islamically:

-free of bad intentions

-peaceful to the soul and merciful to the body and mind

Just as one makes a willing effort to strive to go to heaven, one must be willing to make that same kind of effort to attain the perfect Love.

If there is no will there is no way.

60. Allah will question all human beings, even the most righteous of them.

According to one’s level of righteousness, Allah seeks to give His servant a higher ranking in heaven.

With every test passed you raise your rank by practicing patience and prayer.

May we all be among the highest of rankings in Allah’s eyes, ameen.