Tip of the Day by Ghostwriter

  1. Take time off for your soul.
  2. Think before you utter words of regret.
  3. Seek knowledge from the Quran
  4. Read one hadith
  5. Ask about your mother; it’s a good deed.
  6. Beautiful ways to fill your time: write all the 99 names of Allah on a piece of paper then write down your prayer after see the miracles of Allah happen InshaAllah
  7. Keep reading the Quran in order to keep your heart cleansed from impurities and for Allah to keep talking to you through it insha’Allah
  8. Keep up the tahajjud and sunnah if you wish to gain high rankings in Jannah–may we all Ameen
  9. Be patient. Allah loves those who are patient. Wallahu yuhibbus saabireen. Our Lord forgive us, establish firmness of faith in our hearts and help us against those who resist faith.
  10. Don’t overfill your stomach. It affects your mood. As the Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us, keep it 1/3 food, 1/3 liquid, 1/3 for breathing
  11. Ask yourself one question – r u trying to please a human being or Allah ? If your answer is Allah, even if it means pleasing a person for the sake of Allah, then u r on the path of light
  12. Speak kind words or keep your distance
  13. non-costly ways to give back : give some of your clothes to a needy ,fill a bottle of water in the summer put it in the fridge and give it to someone in the street needing it , smile in the face of a loved one or even a neighbor , pray for all Muslims in need of a prayer the angels will reply to u saying same goes for u and your pure heart in front of Allah will be appreciated , pray for those deceased , pray for ur friend in need of a prayer Allah will send u someone to pray for u in your time of need InshaAllah – any good u do u find , any evil u do u find (as the verse in the Quran translated says )
  14. clean your teeth with dental floss – Allah loves those who purify themselves May we all Ameen
  15. think of the most important person in your life after Allah and send them a nice greeting card or msg to make them smile , wait for allah to make u smile in return for your good deed 🙂 May Allah bless your day with light and wisdom from high above brothers and sisters amen ❤️peace and love from us, May God bless u all and guide us all to everlasting light and janat el ferdaws el a3la ( the highest Jana) and the best of this world and the next one InshaAllah Ameen , We kindly ask you to keep us in your prayers too , may Allah ease all our struggles and grant us light above ground ( on earth) , under ground (in the grave ) and on the day of resurrection Ameen ❤️

  16. Theme of the day : the danger of one thinking he has all the knowledge of Islam, fact of the matter is we all need prayers and acts of charity that are consistent rather then quantified in order to keep steadfast thereby one should never stop the prayer that says : oh granter of guidance keep me guided on the path of light till the day I meet your glorious face (Allah) fact of the matter is the messenger of Allah himself used to pray with that so we also need to do the same thing in order to keep steadfast- May Allah grant us Firmness in faith after which no kufr ever crosses our mind Ameen

  17. Theme of the day : the danger of judging others , how many of us have seen people in the pith of darkness suddenly turn into the path of light and the opposite thereby we should be careful on judging others as one day this person may become closer to Allah then u and pray and have his or her prayers much more powerful then yours same goes for the opposite.

  18. Listen to the athan when prayer time comes: if u can repeat after the emam : Healing properties of the athan pls watch bellow : https://youtu.be/qgeCCZRaY_Q

  19. Theme of the day : don’t be too harsh on yourself don’t forget that Allah wishes for you to follow his guidance in order to gain ease in life and the afterlife – for instance rather then spending the whole day in the masjid unless u r repenting for a huge sin may Allah keep us all steadfast – instead have an hour for yourself doing halal fun and an hour for your Lord in worship or acts of deeds , this way u will find a lot more sustainable god willing

  20. Theme of the day : Beware of unhealthy eloquent speech . Allah has give many the blessing or curse of eloquence like any talent it can be used for the greater good where one could find oneself with a mountain of good deeds on judgment day InshaAllah , may we all amen, or on the other end u have people using this talent promoting via songs etc unhealthy behaviour thereby whenever u find someone speaking with an attractive tone make sure you are aware of the content that is said . If what is promoted has a healthy effect on your life keep up the following if it does not then cut it off nicely and kindly. May Allah give us all the strength to do so in the best possible way and allow us to have the wisdom of seeing the danger before it is too late ,amen . If someone is promoting disobedience to Allah beware of listening for too long and if someone is promoting healthy behaviour and advice also be sure from the Quran and sunna after hearing it and follow your heart seeking refuge in Allah at every step of the way, a nice prayer for that is : Allah pls select for me what will benefit my life and afterlife at every second till I meet you . say this as much as u can through out your days and nights and follow the path Allah leads you to , not the path a human being leads you to ( if Allah send you a guidance through one of his servants that is love from Allah and light however keep in mind that Allah knows best so seek refuge in him at all times even after getting advice ). At the end of the day only Allah knows best, May Allah guide us all Amen . Be sure that if a Muslim is helping you he or she is helping you only for the sake of Allah as this is when u might get the best advice but once again seek refuge in the almighty before taking any action . Allah knows best , May we all follow the teachings of Allah through his last sacred book sent down from high above the holly Quran and the sunna taught to us by the prophet of mercy mohamed SAW ( peace and blessings from Allah be upon him )
  21. Hadith of the Day Analyzed: A person whose character does not make him feel any sort of light from Allah is not a person to follow one’s footsteps. When the Messenger Mohammed (s) regarded a disbeliever as one from whom neighbors feel unsafe and when he (s) told Aisha (r) to be calm, speak kind words and keep distance, his light is one to follow and learn from everyday in order to please our Creator to Whom we shall all be judged by according to our light and character throughout our life. May we all follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in order to reach the best of both worlds ameen
  22. For low blood circulation try to get one massage per week
  23. Eat three olives
  24. Feeling dizzy? Make sure your blood pressure is not low. Salt is the remedy for that
  25. Let’s talk energy! Raw honey, ginkgo biloba , nuts, ginseng . Recipe: muesli : mix milk with honey and nuts, add grains , mix in ginseng powder or ginkgo biloba tablet to be taken with breakfast
  26. Muslim 1/288After replying to the call of the Mu’aththin, you should recite in Arabic Allah’s blessings on the Prophet

Benefits of dates : 

-helps women with their stomach contractions and period pain 

– full of vitamins 

– prevents evil eye and back magic when 7 are eaten 

– energy boosters 

Buy local fruit in its season 

Eat food when it is fresh , eat fruit and vegetable when ripe 

Fun tip : grow your own vegetables using seeds can be done in a balcony or a garden 

Fruit of the day : coconut 

Benefits : hydrating , full of nutrients 

Fun tip : coconut water with ice to cool of your summer with a refreshing drink  

Tip of the day : Allah has provided us with many ground grown food and encourages us to eat it in variety since the messenger of Allah prophet mohamed SAW used to encourage us to eat different fruit in not stick to one 

Fun fact : one of his favourite summer fruits was watermelon 

Fun tip : put in a blender and make yourself a fresh watermelon juice – enjoy its freshness and nutritional benefits on a sunny day 

Tip of the week : 

If u live in a country with not a lot of sun 

Eat at much fatty fish as u can for vitamin D which is a tasty antidepressant 

Fun fact : that is what people in Scandinavia use as a source of support and live happily using many of Allahs provided alternatives 

Giving charity for the sake of Allah increases happiness 

Make Someone smile or laugh for the sake of Allah that needs it and wait for Allah to do the same for u in the time of need 

Addiction alternative therapy ideas :

Replace the urge with a good deed and find your reward with Allah multiplied and your happiness for achieving success and peace will give u motivation to continue – if u slip without knowledge start over we r human don’t despair of the mercy of Allah he rejoices when u repent and try again for his sake and for reaching eternal bliss in heaven may we all amen and remember as long as u repent while alive at the soonest possible Allah will be merciful if u wait yo risk punishment 

– replace the urge with ur favourite halal activity we have given many options on our website please feel free to check if u have questions email sister shahimak or what’s up one of our qualified sister for clarification god willing 

– replace the urge with distraction watch an innocent movie drink yansoon anise or camomile to relax while watching or go for a tea with a righteous friend instead 

– relace with ur favourite snack unless your weakness is the snack itself then replace with a walk in a park and grab a coffee while reading something useful 

Key:  keep busy all day so that u come back home just wanting to sleep don’t forget the prayer 🙂 

Feeling low  : have a coffee and dark chocolate 

Feeling restless: have a camomile tea or warm milk with honey 

Tip of the day : use Instagram and Facebook and twitter to follow Islamic health tips and knowledge

Tip of the week : 

download free Quran and Hadith applications of your liking ; just search the Apple Store 

Tip of the day : sleep right after prayer for a nap after dohr prayer as the prophet SAW used to do 

Tip of the day : if u have nothing productive or halal to do after eisha try to sleep 

– for sleeping adjustment wake up at fajr and sleep after eisha as a starter 

If u wish to increase with sunna night prayers do so one baby step at a time in order to be able to continue 

Fruit of the day figs 

– full of nutrients 

– good for digestion 

– tasty 

– can be eaten dried or ripe 

Most importantly mentioned in the Quran 

Health tip of the week 

– eat pistachios, they help u sleep , give u energy 

– eat almonds : 12 almonds substitute for aspirin and give u energy 

Love : show love to people that are righteous when they need it and wait for Allah’s reward

Smile. Sometimes you will find yourself faking it, however the saying fake it till you make it sometimes does work. 

Advice of the day : before sleeping read 

Recite Surah  (As-Sajdah) and Surah 67 (Al-Mulk) in Arabic.

المٓ ۞ تَنْزِيلُ الْكِتَابِ” وَ “تَبَارَكَ الَّذِي بِيَدِهِ المُلْكُ”

Health Tips of the Week:

Eat organic poultry to avoid fertility issues.

Drink water; it contains essential minerals for the growth of the body.

“Water was the source of our existence.”

Get Vitamin D either from the outdoor sun or pills.

Topic of the day : trust

Trust is one theme in the Quran repeated a lot and the importance of not breaking promises is very well emphasised

Tip of the day : read the Quran and implement- a Hadith sahih shows us how reading only is not enough and implementing only is not enough u need both to proper . May Allah give us all the light of the Quran amen

Advice of the day : get to know people ‘ we created u in different communities so u May get to know one another ‘ translated verse of Quran . Don’t feel ashamed to start the conversation , remember that the first person to say Salam in front of Allah is the best . May Allah give us all wisdom amen

إِنۡ أَحۡسَنتُمۡ أَحۡسَنتُمۡ لِأَنفُسِكُمۡۖ وَإِنۡ أَسَأۡتُمۡ فَلَهَاۚ فَإِذَا جَآءَ وَعۡدُ ٱلۡأٓخِرَةِ لِيَسُـُٔواْ وُجُوهَكُمۡ وَلِيَدۡخُلُواْ ٱلۡمَسۡجِدَ كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٖ وَلِيُتَبِّرُواْ مَا عَلَوۡاْ تَتۡبِيرًا

• Abdul Haleem:

whether you do good or evil it is to your own souls––and when the second warning was fulfilled [We sent them] to shame your faces and enter the place of worship as they did the first time, and utterly destroy whatever fell into their power.


Al-Isra’, Ayah 7

وَءَاتَيۡنَا مُوسَى ٱلۡكِتَٰبَ وَجَعَلۡنَٰهُ هُدٗى لِّبَنِيٓ إِسۡرَٰٓءِيلَ أَلَّا تَتَّخِذُواْ مِن دُونِي وَكِيلٗا

• Abdul Haleem:

We also gave Moses the Scripture, and made it a guide for the Children of Israel. ‘Entrust yourselves to no one but Me,


Al-Isra’, Ayah 2

This verse emphasises to humans that truly the only person to reply on is Allah 

Useful Words of Remembrance inspired by our Prophet (SAW)’s habits and knowledge

Sob7an allah wa be hamdihi Sob7an Allah al 3azeem 3adad khalkihi reda nafseh wa zeenat 3arsheh may we all meet our lord well pleased with constant zykr that the prophet SAW taught us 

Estaghfar Allah alazee la elah ela howa al 7ay al kayoum wa atoob eleyh – we seek forgiveness in our lord and confirm that there is not God other then Allah the living the eternal and we repent to him – may Allah remind us all as often as we can of this verse and may it be accepted at our death and be our last word along with ashahado an la ellah ela Allah wa an mohamed rasoul Allah

Dear Allah we pray for u to grant us knowledge that will uplift our rank on judgment day and we pray to teach it to others as an accepted sadaqa jareya by your majesty – our lord lord of the worlds lord of the heavens and earth and all in between – Rab El 3arsh el 3azeem . Lord of the majestic throne

A great way to plant ourselves some plants in paradise and treasure while sitting down – may Allah forgive our laziness and grant us strength to perform all his righteous deeds ameen

We seek refuge in our lord from sadness laziness and all kinds of deseases

We seek refuge in our lord from poverty from hardship from dying while Allah is not content with us – we seek his mercy his glory and his guidance in all affairs near and far first and last

Dear Allah we ask u for the light that is in this day and the light that comes after it

We seek forgiveness from Allah the number of times he has created his

We seek refuge in you Allah from beeing one of the wrongful

Tip of the day : I found it helpful to write to Allah

May Allah help us all through our days our nights till we meet his glorious wajh el Kareem

May Allah ease our trials by day and night and grant us all the goodness that comes from him and seek refuge in Allah in all temptations of evil whispers

We we all be among the rightfully guided by Allah and his messenger mohamed SAW and may we all seek good knowledge.

Dear Allah by your mercy we ask you for janat ferdaws and seek refuge in you from the fire and your punishment of the grave and beyond

Tip of the day : begging Allah

Therapy from the Sunna : Beg him (Allah)!for what u want humbly and deeply cry if needed : seek refuge in Surat at Fatiha, it is you we worship and you we ask for help

The power of Surat and Fatiha

Master of the day of judgment : reminds us of our goal

Guide us to the straight path : in life and after life

The path of those u have blessed and have not gone astray: truly if Allah blessed you are rightfully guided if Allah is angry with you , you are on the wrong path thereby it continued by saying ‘ those who are not in darkness’ may Allah keep us away from the path of darkness and keep us guided by his mercy to the path of light

When u start by saying bismAllah al ra7man al ra7eem you are asking Allah by which in his name no one can harm and nothing can be harmed al ra7man the one who shows mercy so u are asking for his mercy and ra7eem we are ask to reflect upon the verses for that exact reason as to feel them in our hearts by gods mercy on us and to gain their mercy

The beauty of certain verses : First verses of surat baqara and beyond : guidance from Allah for those who care about god – huda lel motaqeen guidance for those who fear Allah

So many people when they ask for therapy they are asking for guidance and sometimes we forget that the guidance is all in the book: thalek al ketab la rayba fee huda lel motakeen

U want guidance read the Quran

Nothing wrong with needing reminders from the Quran and Sunna from a scholar

Zakyr fa al zykr yenfa3 El mo2menoon all zykr benefits the mo2men in fact when the scholar is analysing he himself is reminding himself of allahs glory and guidance may we all be rightfully guided and forgiven

No one is in arrogance from reminders or should be in arrogance if u are not in the mood yet then take a break have a walk do something you enjoy and get back to it

You will find by allahs mercy your soul open to it just by having the motivation to do something good for the sake of getting closer to Allah

Allah says you come close to me I come running to u 24 hours

Who else can offer you that ?

Truly no one but Allah

He is always there and is he is the only when that can make all your dreams come true

If u follow his guidance and that of his message and the message that our prophet mohamed SAW teaches us from his Sunna may we all be among the ummah of mohamed SAW

We send peace and blessing among his family and those who followed him

And pray to be among those of which Allah loves

Truly if Allah loves u may he loves us all

Allah becomes your friend

And who more powerful than Allah as your friend Rab El samawat wal ard the one of which all the heavens and earth are in his control over which by his name and mercy no one can intercede

You need Allah as your friend we Allah do

One supplication to Allah whenever u feel oppressed and your wish is granted

One supplication from Allah from feeling sad

And the mercy of Allah is near

Don’t despair of his mercy as he says

Seek help through patience and prayer

Truly it is easy for the fearing one

The above : we out to add the Quotes from Quran

If u prefer to write it in form of articles it’s up to u sis the most motivating way is the best

Tips : never feel miserly in giving away knowledge of Quran and Hadith for those who seek it it will be a benefit for u , those who do good will find it as Allah says and those who do evil will pay for it unless they have the mercy of Allah by quickly seeking forgiveness never despair of his mercy

This is what shaytan wants

Why would u give shaytan any importance when he only seeks to deceive and only Allah seeks to forgive u and grant you his mercy which encompasses all nd is the key to eternal happiness

U want motivation right ?

Allah the almighty is giving it all to you in his book the Quran

The meaning of life and all that your goal and all that is written for u

Yet u seek for it elsewhere

Iqra cartoons have all the stories of the prophets in a nice animated way

There is a lot to learn for kids and for adults

Wake up on a nice tea and start your day with some useful reading 🙂

Muslim pro is also a great application helping others to release the words to god in a form of a community

It has many useful tips

Feeling down : go for a run

Feeling too tired go to sleep with the intention to wake for with happiness from Allah – sleeping habits : Allah if u take my life forgive it if u brink back my soul bring it with baraka- blessing beautiful yet simple

Allah answers all calls

Be sure

Tips of sleeping the prophet saw used to recite the muawaZateen meaning the Surat ikhlas god the one the eternal he was not begotten nor does he begets no one is comparable to him

Smile to people it is a sadaqa

New day new virtues by Allahs will – the strength of Surat al falaq

We seek refuge in the lord of daybreak (dawn)

From the evil of what he has created

The evil of night when darkness gathers

The evil of those who low on knots black magic

The evil of those who envy

As we know envy and black magic are big issues in Islam but to be honest the effect of the illness is just like any other

Except that this one is healed through Quran

How beautiful is that u get to earn point of reading Quran

Plus healing yourself

So do it

May Allah heal us all from all illnesses

To seek the exact ruqya check the book of medicine of the prophet mohamed SAW and other sources

For our beloved readers here are some ideas of easy sunnas May we all implement them Ameen 

33 Estakhfar on the right hand after each salah 33 al hamdola 33 allaho Akbar 33 Sob7an Allah after each sala will reach.

Morning let’s start with Sob7an Allah wa be hamdihi Sob7an Allah al 3azeem 

And 10 salat on our prophet. 

Ending by  la ellah ela allah wa7do la sharika lah 

Some tips for our sister during their time off 

Lets take a chance for that time to listen  listen to the beautiful Surat al mulk at night and listen to baqara from our  phones plus one can use time reading more knowledge 

Estaghfar Allah al 3azeem wa Atoob eleih is one of my favorite azkar

Allahoma sali wa Salem 3ala nabeyena mohamed 100 times is a great way to fill up your time u should feel inspired to do something by Allah after this occurs – may god bless 

La ellah wa7daho la shareeka lah lahoo al molk wa lahoo El 7amd wa howa 3ala kol shay2en kadeer 

Is another one of my favorite azkar 

Reading Surat al kursy after every fard prayer is a great way to attain Jana 

Dear sisters during our day of


We can eat 7 dates a day as mentioned earlier 

Lets get active with things we cannot do when we r busy  

How about 

Joining a Gym a spa ? Keep yourself clean 

May Allah grant us all janat El ferdaws which is the highest Jana and make us among those who will have a palace next to Allah in paradise Ameen 

For the bellow verse 4:142

verse keep your Friends among those who r on the straight path of Allah – may Allah grant us all righteous companions

In allahs verses also 4:142 bellow who were sent down by our prophet of mercy we find that Allah gives us a chance to be among those who find him and repent – At every verse where Allah would offer punishment to the one who sins he also offers an option to find him and repent before it is too late

The beautiful words of Allah sent through angel Gabriel to our prophet mohamed SAW

Verse 4:148

Keep quiet or say something nice 🙂

May we and our loved ones have the strength to do so Ameen 

Surah Kahf verses 101-110 if recited and learned by heart will make us have firm belief against Dajjal may we all ameen

Ideas during urges for all sorts of addictions:

  1. seek refuge in Allah

2. distract yourself with an activity

3. ask about a family member

4. say Astaghfirullah in all focus 99 times

Health Tips

Upset Stomach:

  1. cold water with a slice of lemon
  2. ginger tea
  3. fresh mint chewed
  4. add Quran in water and drink
  5. honey with your favorite tea
  6. olive oil, vinegar and black seed with your favorite salad

Note: Receive weekly Quranic verses with English meaning and healing prayers. Whatsapp saying “please add” to 00447799425175

Prayers of mercy be upon all humanity

We pray for righteous friends to help motivate us towards the path of light ameen

Tips on fighting addictive relationships:

  1. slowly but surely withdraw and ask Allah to help you through it (persisting is key)
  2. keep busy any time you get a temptation
  3. just like any addiction, a toxic relationship that does not benefit your soul needs treatment. May Allah help all those struggling to move on from such relationships and keep the path of light in their destiny.

The evil eye affect

Prevention: Avoid proximity to the object of matter if you feel it may give you an evil eye. I say object as nowadays with phones we have no knowledge if the energy can travel through these magnets or not. We do not know that electronics can affect the brain cells if proximity is prolonged.

Perform Ruqyah regularly.

Do not display your beauty too often. Keep the company of those who fear Allah. Have them pray for you for protection. Read as much Quran and prayers of protection as you can. May Allah protect us all Ameen.

Elements of distraction to prevent evil I can be use such as lighting etc.

Take a shower and whisper I seek refuge in Allah’s perfect self from Satan and from all evil eyes while taking a shower.

Ruqyah: Fatiha 3 times, kursi 3 times, falaq 3x, Nas 3x, Ikhlas 3x

Mood Boosters:

Clean your house from clutter. Go shopping in your favorite store. Get to know a new person at your gym or community or even outside your culture. By an interesting book and enjoy gaining knowledge from it and apply what you learn. Order a favorite meal. Change location of stay. Do a good deed. say Alhamdulillah for being able to do any of the above. Go out to a public place with a friend or family member and have a nice meal or coffee.

Happily ever after:

Build a beautiful garden in Jannah every time we utter the words Allahu Akbar, SubHanAllah, laa ilaha illallah, building our palace in Jannah every time you say Surat al Ikhlas

May Allah turn this into reality Ameen 

Broken heart natural cures. Spicy food. Quran recitation with understanding. Dua.

The power of the words: Allahu Akbar: 

reminds us that Allah is greater than any obstacle we face.

Humbles us

Pleases our Creator and Controller of our destiny

The power of the words Alhamdulillah laa ilaha illallah: 

Increases sustenance

Eases depression

Promotes healing of the mind and soul

Calms down a stressed mind

The power of repentance:

Heals a broken heart

Grants closeness to Allah

Opens doors of blessings

Increases happiness

Relieve stress

Different ways of repentance:

Repeat astaghfirullah 99 times on the right hand

Repeat dear Lord I turn to You in repentance

Pray 2 rakahs with the intention of repenting to Allah

Replacing the bad deed with a good deed

2. The power of the words “SubHanAllah “

Surround you with angels

Pleases the Lord and grants His protection

Advice of the Month:

Do not choose what pleases you from the teachings of the Prophet (saw) and forget the other.

For example, when teachings tell us men should lead the family, they also say men should take care of the wife, meaning he should not be harsh or neglect her for no reason.

Do not spend in excess or be too stingy; find a middle ground.

Enjoy being patient in a tribulation, knowing you are raising your place with Allah (swt).

Listen to the Quran more in order to receive mercy.

Pray for Jannat ul Firdous.

Instant Good deeds:

-smile to a stranger

-read a verse from the Quran

-forgive someone


When God tells us not to eat uncooked meat, His goal is to protect us from diseases that run in the blood.

-Infection gets carried in the blood. Once cooked, this phenomenon disappears.

On the other hand, good foods (fresh foods) such as grains, vegetables, fruits or derived from clean animals like milk products contain all nutrients we need.

Tip: avoid processed food, increase cereals.

Easy ways to help this month :Donate clothes Give out food Donate milk , water, juices Give out fans for the heat 

How to be greatful to allah?

– Compare yourself to how other people are living in worse situations

– compare how you feel to other times when you felt worse

– find things that make you happy and say Hamdola for them


Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) said that when a person enters his bed (to sleep), an angel and a Shaitaan surround him. The Shaitaan whispers ‘your awakening will end in evil’ and the angel says’ end in good”. One sleeps after engaging in dhikr, the angels will protect him throughout the night. In order to gain the protection of the angels, it is wise to engage in Dhikr and then sleep.

How does Allah help us heal a broken heart ?

The Quran el Kareem mentions that one of its miracles is that it is (shifa2 le ma fe el sodoor) = healing to what is in our breasts (lungs and hearts) prayer : May Allah heal us with the Quran and bless any struggling heart with something better for its future. – -Interpreting verses from the Quran the meaning of each lesson taught and stories from our previous ancestors grants us comfort and lessons to learn and heal from AlhamdliAllah .

Joining Quran classes, where one may also meet righteous friends is highly recommended and one should make an effort to join and participate for the sake of Allah with the intention of Allah to heal ones heart from any kind of grief or struggle and send many peace and blessings upon prophet Mohamed peace and blessings be upon him and his followers. One may take a (Neya) intention of what one is needing help with.

A beautiful prayer:  allah we wish to send blessings upon your prophet Mohamed (fe kol noor men noorak)

Meaning : by the strength of each light that comes from u (almighty Allah) with the intention of (…)

It is reported that Allah accepts the request right away and allah knows best .

The Purpose or life #

A topic every person has on their mind – a topic very deep but very essential for every human being – according to Islam the purpose of life is very important. Muslims beleive that life is a test , u go through different typyes of tests ones which bring u down others which bring u up . For a simple reason to gain eternal happiness or eternal hell. A very complicated topic is why would one want to get to hell ? A simple answer is one should ask himself the first question we mentioned as a title which is what is the purpose of life ?🥇

When we understand the purpose of life it would be mad for us to choose anything other then eternal happiness . The minute this question goes through ones mind he should open the book of guidance the Quran and know that god has enlightened him already now start to read in which ever language you wishe and ask god to open the doors of guidance for you . It may sound crazy but why not try ?


My personal favorite translation is of Abdel Haleem- the Oxford translation which I find very comprehensive.

أَلَمۡ تَرَ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ خَلَقَ ٱلسَّمَـٰوَ ٰ⁠تِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضَ بِٱلۡحَقِّۚ إِن یَشَأۡ یُذۡهِبۡكُمۡ وَیَأۡتِ بِخَلۡقࣲ جَدِیدࣲ

أَلَمۡ تَرَ أَنَّ ٱللَّهَ خَلَقَ ٱلسَّمَٰوَٰتِ وَٱلۡأَرۡضَ بِٱلۡحَقِّۚ إِن يَشَأۡ يُذۡهِبۡكُمۡ وَيَأۡتِ بِخَلۡقٖ جَدِيدٖ ١٩

• Abdul Haleem:

[Prophet], do you not see that God created the heavens and the earth for a purpose? He could remove all of you and replace you with a new creation if He wished to: (19)


Ibrahim, Ayah 19

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A true purpose – 

This verse in the Quran I find very useful for anyone struggling with what to do with their life