Fasting Tips and Teachings (Written by Ghostwriter)

The point of fasting , Allah makes it clear in his book that (44:3) (44.4) the point of fasting is to help us control our desires ( the negative ones ) for instance lust etc . Therefore it is mercy for those suffering from such things : however those who know how to control these things should focus on doing lots of charity work and those without physical or mental trauma should use it for the sake of Allah as a sacrifice .Also Allah mentions in his book of guidance and mercy that the goal of fasting is to to fear God .

fasting helps control desires which allow us to be following his commands Fasting is an an act of worship for the sake of Allah It’s reward is huge and only known by Allah Fasting teaches us patience which is one of the main pillars of faith 

When fasting not an obligation : When one is sick
He may feed a needy person just as he may feed himself
In this case he would InshaAllah get the same reward
When one finds themself sinning such as cursing rather then controlling themselves one may way the sin and should break the fast rather then commit it while fasting

Benefits of Fasting: Resting the stomach
Free points with god when done right
Prayer : may Allah make it easy for us all to get the reward of a fasting person amen

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