A Moving Story About Two Frogs

Sheikh Yassir Fazzaga shared a beautiful story about 2 frogs during one of his lectures. Somehow these two frogs got stuck in a hole and were trying to jump out. A group of frogs gathered at the top of the hole and were watching the 2 frogs’ struggle to jump out. The group at the top were yelling, “You can’t do it! It’s too deep! You’ll never do it!” One of the frogs just gave up jumping and eventually passed away. The other frog kept jumping for hours until he jumped out of the hole. When he jumped out, all of the frogs at the top were surprised and asked him why he kept on jumping, when they kept telling him that he could never get out. He said, “Oh! I thought you were cheering me on to keep jumping!”

This story moves me so much because it shows how other people can affect our beliefs about ourselves. Other people can help us, or can harm us, with their opinions on what we can and cannot achieve. We must choose to keep jumping, if we want to achieve our goals.images

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