The Habits of Happy People

“A human being can have nothing but what he/she strives for.” The Holy Quran 53:39

“Verily Allah does not look at your bodies or your appearances, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds.” –The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as recorded in Muslim

Experts in the study of Happiness all agree that your thoughts, feelings and actions have an amazing impact on your happiness. When you take responsibility for being a Happy Muslim by being more aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, you are paving the way to a happy life.

As the Quranic verse and hadith state above, Allah expects us to work for our own self-improvement. Your looks, wealth and other worldly matters do not matter to Allah. What matters to our Lord are your deeds and your heart.

Here is a simple list of the habits of happy people, courtesy of the book “Happy for No Reason” by Marci Shimoff:

  1. They take responsibility for their happiness instead of blaming other people or circumstances.
  2. They are aware of their thoughts and learn to question their thoughts that are causing them unhappiness.
  3. They strive to be grateful, forgiving and kind people.
  4. They try to be physically healthy.
  5. They feed their spiritual side such as through activities like praying.
  6. They work for the betterment of others in some way.
  7. They work at having positive relationships with the people in their life.

As you can see, these habits are all encouraged by Islam and they are habits that you can start to work on NOW.


No matter what your life circumstances are, these habits are actions that start from within yourself; they have to do with your attitude. Thus, you can be happier without changing your outer world.

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