imagesThanks be to God, the part of Iraq I live in is very safe and peaceful. It is the Northern part in a city called Sulaimaniah. Here are some reasons why I am happy here:

1. I hear the call to prayer multiple times per day, which is beautiful and makes me feel good.

2. My kids play outside everyday because it’s very safe and there are other kids in the same building.

3. I walk more here–we don’t have a car and we don’t need one! We can walk to stores!

4. We live in an apartment building where all of my friends are just an elevator’s ride away.

5. A peaceful view of mountains is just outside my window.

6. The pace of life is slower here and I have more time to think and reflect and do activities that feed my soul.

7. I cook my own food more, partly because I have to and partly because I have the time to do so. Consequently, I am eating more healthier, non-processed foods.

You don’t need to move to Northern Iraq to experience “happiness boosters”. Try to find ways to build more happiness into your life, such as planning for more quiet time for yourself.

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