Halal Birth Control and Being a Happy Muslim

imagesWhat does halal birth control have to do with being a happy Muslim?

I had to ask myself this when HappyMuslimFamily.org asked me to promote their online course, “Halal Birth Control”, available from April 25-May 2 at Halal Birth Control Course by Happy Muslim Family

Here are my ideas:

1. Doing things the Halal way gives you inner peace

This course will educate you on the permissible forms of birth control. When we follow the rules of our Lord, we naturally feel inner peace. Breaking the rules of our Lord causes inner confusion.

2. Having halal birth control options reminds us of the compassion of Allah (swt).

Alhamdulillah we have halal birth control options! Many people do not want to have more children for personal reasons. I am thankful for the compassion of our Lord.

“Allah does not want difficulty for you, but He wants to purify you, and to complete His favor upon you, that you may be grateful.” (end of Quranic verse 5:6)

3. Take responsibility for your life and your inner peace

We don’t have all the choices in the world, but we do have some. We have to take responsibility for the direction of our lives. Halal birth control underscores this point–to live life intentionally.

A man said to the Prophet, “Should I tie up the legs of my camel and then rely upon God, or should I leave it free, and then rely upon God to take care of it?” The Prophet said, “Tie up its legs, and then rely upon God.” (Tirmidthi)

I highly recommend that you support Happy Muslim Family by purchasing this important, easy course! This course is only available for purchase from April 25-May 2.

Halal Birth Control Course by Happy Muslim Family

Here is what one doctor said about the course:

“As a doctor I thought I knew everything about birth control but this course proved me wrong. An in-depth yet very simple view on the topic of birth control especially from an Islamic perspective. I would not only recommend this course but I think it is mandatory for all the Muslim brothers and sisters who are about to start their family. This will help you to decide the halal ways of birth control which I think a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters are unaware of due to lack of proper guidance on this topic. Well worth the money and highly recommended. May Allah protect our eeman and guide us through the right path. A great effort by Irfan Ullah Khan.”

Dr. Mohammad Zia ul Haq
Speciality Doctor in Wigan Hospital ,UK

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