Allah’s Beautiful Commands (Compiled by Qualified Islamic Healer)

Sadaqa jareya : May Allah elevate our ranking with these divine teachings  and grant us the highest Jana and contentment in this world amen.

Introduction :✍🏻
In the Quran, God encourages humanity to follow certain commands in order to protect oneself from the pain and hardships .
God wants to guide humanity, speaking in a direct manner to every person who willingly wants to bless his life and afterlife .
Prophet Mohamed peace and blessings be upon him and his followers has been given the honor of being the last prophet , his teachings remain the best divine actions in human form – an example in implementing lovely guidance from God .

Page 1 chapter 1 
Translation and explanations of verses in Surat al baqarat : 
(2:148) Strive together towards goodness wherever one may be ,god will help you together and unite those who strive for goodness 
O believers, ask for help through your prayers determination towards patience . Allah is with those who are patient 
Short summary: 
Success = prayer , patience , doing good

Allah sent us on earth free giving us certain commands given our way of living and our goals . An addict finds it hard to completely erase the person or item from their life unless allah himself takes him or it from the world For this reason we advise the parents and friends of those suffering from addictions to deal with them in a less harsh way.For instance secluding the person by force from the item while they are in a sane state of mind can create the opposite effect Using techniques that Allah himself wrote in his book such as the word avoid which makes it forbidden 🚫 but still available can make the addict calmer in those critical times until one reaches a state of healing 

Chapter 2

Lessons from Surat al kahf:

God can make wonders happen. Therefore, never give up !
If God was able to make the companions of the cave sleep for so many years just to help them , then surely He can make your dreams come true 🙂

   Following the verses of the Quran that tell us to follow Allah and his prophet . We dedicate this chapter towards healing methods used by prophet Mohamed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him . We will start by promoting the eating of nuts instead of meat , nuts give energy and are mood boosters . We ask Allah the all knowing for good health and well-being 

Cheap vitamins 
Fruits and vegetables from markets as well as herbs such as Mint are perfect for immunity . This month we emphasize on lemon well washed eaten with the peal is a natural antiviral remedies

Chapter 7 Heal and u will be healed

The concept of healing is Islam is many times promoted . God does love those who take care of others and themselves. This concept of self healing has long been addressed in the Quran and many authentic ahadith. – when we help others we help ourselves – when u take an intention of self healing while helping another Beeing , god promised to help u 🙂 – Happiness does not truly enter the heart unless it is shared with a higher power 😇 – Finding Inner peace and joy with Allah is the main source of healing that will guide you to all the medical help u need : once u feel eman has reached your heart start learning about how the prophets used to heal themselves – Prayer is a source of healing of the soul just like medicine heals physical pain – Happiness from within will lead to happiness externally- when we are in love ,we glow – when our soul finds light we walk on water . This metaphor gives us an insight on how one feels with gods light 💡🤩 – Happiness is not hard to find when u find light from god 🤲🏻 – Prayer : may god send us light to walk with forever amen 🙏 – Tip of the day : learn about Islam and Islam will teach u happiness 🤗 – Tip of the month : help yourself it is a form of worship 🤔 – Health tip. Eat grapes for better blood circulation ✨😇 al Salam alaykom🌟