Tip of the Day

  1. Take time off for your soul.
  2. Think before you utter words of regret.
  3. Seek knowledge from the Quran
  4. Read one hadith
  5. Ask about your mother; it’s a good deed.
  6. Beautiful ways to fill your time: write all the 99 names of Allah on a piece of paper then write down your prayer after see the miracles of Allah happen InshaAllah
  7. Keep reading the Quran in order to keep your heart cleansed from impurities and for Allah to keep talking to you through it insha’Allah
  8. Keep up the tahajjud and sunnah if you wish to gain high rankings in Jannah–may we all Ameen
  9. Be patient. Allah loves those who are patient. Wallahu yuhibbus saabireen. Our Lord forgive us, establish firmness of faith in our hearts and help us against those who resist faith.
  10. Don’t overfill your stomach. It affects your mood. As the Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us, keep it 1/3 food, 1/3 liquid, 1/3 for breathing
  11. Prayer of the Day: Dear Allah heal all those going through hard times, Ameen
  12. Prayer of the Day: Allah, keep us firm in faith until the day of resurrection , Guide us, protect us, keep us mindful of You at all times Ameen