Tip/Prayer of the Day

  1. Take time off for your soul.
  2. Think before you utter words of regret.
  3. Seek knowledge from the Quran
  4. Read one hadith
  5. Ask about your mother; it’s a good deed.
  6. Beautiful ways to fill your time: write all the 99 names of Allah on a piece of paper then write down your prayer after see the miracles of Allah happen InshaAllah
  7. Keep reading the Quran in order to keep your heart cleansed from impurities and for Allah to keep talking to you through it insha’Allah
  8. Keep up the tahajjud and sunnah if you wish to gain high rankings in Jannah–may we all Ameen
  9. Be patient. Allah loves those who are patient. Wallahu yuhibbus saabireen. Our Lord forgive us, establish firmness of faith in our hearts and help us against those who resist faith.
  10. Don’t overfill your stomach. It affects your mood. As the Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us, keep it 1/3 food, 1/3 liquid, 1/3 for breathing
  11. Prayer of the Day: Dear Allah heal all those going through hard times, Ameen
  12. Prayer of the Day: Allah, keep us firm in faith until the day of resurrection , Guide us, protect us, keep us mindful of You at all times Ameen
  13. Ask yourself one question – r u trying to please a human being or Allah ? If your answer is Allah, even if it means pleasing a person for the sake of Allah, then u r on the path of light
  14. Speak kind words or keep your distance
  15. non-costly ways to give back : give some of your clothes to a needy ,fill a bottle of water in the summer put it in the fridge and give it to someone in the street needing it , smile in the face of a loved one or even a neighbor , pray for all Muslims in need of a prayer the angels will reply to u saying same goes for u and your pure heart in front of Allah will be appreciated , pray for those deceased , pray for ur friend in need of a prayer Allah will send u someone to pray for u in your time of need InshaAllah – any good u do u find , any evil u do u find (as the verse in the Quran translated says )
  16. clean your teeth with dental floss – Allah loves those who purify themselves May we all Ameen
  17. think of the most important person in your life after Allah and send them a nice greeting card or msg to make them smile , wait for allah to make u smile in return for your good deed 🙂 May Allah bless your day with light and wisdom from high above brothers and sisters amen ❤️peace and love from us, May God bless u all and guide us all to everlasting light and janat el ferdaws el a3la ( the highest Jana) and the best of this world and the next one InshaAllah Ameen , We kindly ask you to keep us in your prayers too , may Allah ease all our struggles and grant us light above ground ( on earth) , under ground (in the grave ) and on the day of resurrection Ameen ❤️

  18. Theme of the day : the danger of one thinking he has all the knowledge of Islam, fact of the matter is we all need prayers and acts of charity that are consistent rather then quantified in order to keep steadfast thereby one should never stop the prayer that says : oh granter of guidance keep me guided on the path of light till the day I meet your glorious face (Allah) fact of the matter is the messenger of Allah himself used to pray with that so we also need to do the same thing in order to keep steadfast- May Allah grant us Firmness in faith after which no kufr ever crosses our mind Ameen

  19. Theme of the day : the danger of judging others , how many of us have seen people in the pith of darkness suddenly turn into the path of light and the opposite thereby we should be careful on judging others as one day this person may become closer to Allah then u and pray and have his or her prayers much more powerful then yours same goes for the opposite.

  20. Listen to the athan when prayer time comes: if u can repeat after the emam : Healing properties of the athan pls watch bellow : https://youtu.be/qgeCCZRaY_Q

  21. Theme of the day : don’t be too harsh on yourself don’t forget that Allah wishes for you to follow his guidance in order to gain ease in life and the afterlife – for instance rather then spending the whole day in the masjid unless u r repenting for a huge sin may Allah keep us all steadfast – instead have an hour for yourself doing halal fun and an hour for your Lord in worship or acts of deeds , this way u will find a lot more sustainable god willing

  22. Theme of the day : Beware of unhealthy eloquent speech . Allah has give many the blessing or curse of eloquence like any talent it can be used for the greater good where one could find oneself with a mountain of good deeds on judgment day InshaAllah , may we all amen, or on the other end u have people using this talent promoting via songs etc unhealthy behaviour thereby whenever u find someone speaking with an attractive tone make sure you are aware of the content that is said . If what is promoted has a healthy effect on your life keep up the following if it does not then cut it off nicely and kindly. May Allah give us all the strength to do so in the best possible way and allow us to have the wisdom of seeing the danger before it is too late ,amen . If someone is promoting disobedience to Allah beware of listening for too long and if someone is promoting healthy behaviour and advice also be sure from the Quran and sunna after hearing it and follow your heart seeking refuge in Allah at every step of the way, a nice prayer for that is : Allah pls select for me what will benefit my life and afterlife at every second till I meet you . say this as much as u can through out your days and nights and follow the path Allah leads you to , not the path a human being leads you to ( if Allah send you a guidance through one of his servants that is love from Allah and light however keep in mind that Allah knows best so seek refuge in him at all times even after getting advice ). At the end of the day only Allah knows best, May Allah guide us all Amen . Be sure that if a Muslim is helping you he or she is helping you only for the sake of Allah as this is when u might get the best advice but once again seek refuge in the almighty before taking any action . Allah knows best , May we all follow the teachings of Allah through his last sacred book sent down from high above the holly Quran and the sunna taught to us by the prophet of mercy mohamed SAW ( peace and blessings from Allah be upon him )
  23. Hadith of the Day Analyzed: A person whose character does not make him feel any sort of light from Allah is not a person to follow one’s footsteps. When the Messenger Mohammed (s) regarded a disbeliever as one from whom neighbors feel unsafe and when he (s) told Aisha (r) to be calm, speak kind words and keep distance, his light is one to follow and learn from everyday in order to please our Creator to Whom we shall all be judged by according to our light and character throughout our life. May we all follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him in order to reach the best of both worlds ameen
  24. For low blood circulation try to get one massage per week
  25. Eat three olives
  26. Feeling dizzy? Make sure your blood pressure is not low. Salt is the remedy for that
  27. Let’s talk energy! Raw honey, ginkgo biloba , nuts, ginseng . Recipe: muesli : mix milk with honey and nuts, add grains , mix in ginseng powder or ginkgo biloba tablet to be taken with breakfast
  28. Prayer of the day : 
  29. Allah is sufficient for us and best of whom to depend (Al-Bukhari, 5/172.)
  30. O Allah, there is no ease other than what You make easy. If You please You ease sorrow.
  31. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone, Who has no partner, and that Muhammad is His slave and His Messenger. I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, with Muhammad as my Messenger and with Islam as my religion. [To be recited in Arabic after the Mu’aththin’s Tashahhud or the words of affirmation of Faith] 
  32. Wa ‘anaa ‘ash-hadu ‘an laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu wa ‘anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa Rasooluhu, radheetu billaahi Rabban, wa bi-Muhammadin Rasoolan wa bil’islaami deenan (Muslim 1/290)
  33. Muslim 1/288After replying to the call of the Mu’aththin, you should recite in Arabic Allah’s blessings on the Prophet
  34. My Lord, make me an establisher of prayer, and [many] from my descendants. Our Lord, and accept my supplication.
    Our Lord, forgive me and my parents and the believers the Day the account is established