Inspiring Quotes by a Dear Sister of Mine

  1. Don’t Lose Hope!

How many hard and distressed beginnings were the reasons for success and empowerment?

How many illnesses came before the healing and yosr (relief ) from Allah?

How many sad griefs turned people into a reason to change the world?

2. Love that Lasts

Love is hard to find but also easy to lose, therefore one love that you won’t lose if you follow the Quran and Sunna is Allah’s love.

May Allah grant us His love and the love of those He loves. 
Make Allah make us dependent on no other then His glory.  
May Allah reward the grateful among us and make us one of them. 
May Allah shower His mercy on us and our loved ones. 

Truly in the remembrance of Allah do the hearts find light. 
May Allah grant us His light and guide us from darkness back to light at all times Ameen. 

Love is sometimes blind. We need to choose a spouse according to their character and care.
Love can hurt so we need be wise and walk away before we get hurt. 
Love is beautiful when you are close to Allah. 
Love is kind when you are kind with your soul.
Love is mercy , love is compassion, love is unity , love is hard but love for Allah is the only love worth fighting for. 
Love Allah and Allah will love you and take you away from your misery into His light. 
We ask Allah for that and for His mercy on the day when no soul will bear the burden of another, so we pray to feed our souls with Allah’s wise words from the Quraan and to follow his messenger Mohamed (saw) of mercy who came to teach us the Quran and to set an example for humankind who wishes to find light in life. 
Love is beautiful once you taste Allah’s love in your heart the world will not mater to you as much and you will find the peace of your Creator more valuable then any other kind of love. 

May Allah grant us mercy and show us His light forever and may we taste the beauty of Eman in our hearts and souls forever amen. 
-FIND GRATITUDE and Allah will love you 
-Speak kind words and Allah will be kind to you
-Love for the right reasons for the sake of Allah and your mind will rest in peace 
-Search for a mentor you like and let it be your support in your dean 
-May Allah grant you His love and a righteous mentor Ameen. 

SobHan Allah wa be hamdihi glory to Allah and thank you Allah for guiding us and sending us your slaves to help guide us. May we fulfill our term in this world in the best way possible and may we stay firm in eman until  we die while You are happy with us and while Jana awaits our souls with peace through Your glory and mercy.  

Master of the day of judgement it is You we worship and You we ask for help. Guide us to the straight path, the one of those You have blessed and who have not incurred your anger or gone astray. 

In the name of Allah the most merciful we pray for all what our prophet Mohamed prayed to You for and we seek refuge in You from all what he sought refuge in You from. 

Peace and prayers be upon Prophet Mohamed and his companions and those who follow him. 

May we be one of those whose ranks in front of Allah is as high as our beloved Prophet Mohamed (saw) 

May the peace of today fill your life with light and guidance from the Almighty. 

When you mention Allah, Allah mentions you so try to keep Him in your heart and mind as much as you can. 

Try to find a mosque where you find peace.

Take a book of Islamic knowledge and go sit In a park garden or by the sea.
Greenery and water will calm your soul God willing. 
Keep up the good work and don’t give up; life is too short to give up!  
Eternal peace for eternal hell

Let’s choose wisely. May Allah help guide us all Ameen

3. Advice of the Wise Ones:

George Bernard Shaw wrote:

“The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy not.”

Solution: Keep busy.

Why? The busy person is neither happy or unhappy, rather occupied or preoccupied, which does not leave room for depression.

In Islam, a person is already busy with worship among other duties.

The truth of the matter is as Allah says in His book: Rely on Me and you will be content.

Reliance on Allah allows a person to let go of his worries to a Higher Power. This lifts half of the burden off your heart.

One of my favorite surahs in the Quran is Ash-Sharh. It reminds us that it is Allah Who expands our hearts for us towards peace, and that without occupation in halal activities, one would find oneself miserable.

Ways to Keep Busy:

-Go for a coffee with a Muslim friend


-Take a discovery trip to a new place and have lunch/dinner there; let it be an open air green place as greenery SubHanAllah relaxes the eyes (no wonder Jannah is full of greenery!)

-For the ladies: go buy flowers (colored ones)

-Flowers brighten the home and give an antidepressant smell–“smell the roses”–it really does help–keep a rose with you on your walk–find beauty within God’s beautiful creations–Alhamdulillah that we can see and smell!

-Volunteer at an NGO or give your time to an orphanage, even if it is to teach them how to paint. When you give for the sake of Allah, Allah gives you back. If you don’t get it in this world right away, it is because He wants to give you tremendous reward in the hereafter.