21 Coping Ideas for When You are Feeling Down

download“And seek help with patience and prayer, and surely it is a hard thing to do, except for the humble-minded.” (Holy Quran 2:45)

A huge part of being a Happy Muslim is to use coping ideas to deal with your negative emotions. Coping ideas are ways to relax and calm down when you are feeling sad, angry, or any other negative emotion.

Everyone should study themselves and discover the personal coping ideas that work for them.

Of course, you must also be AWARE OF YOURSELF enough to realize when to use coping ideas. Some people lack SELF-AWARENESS and therefore do not even use coping ideas when they should.

When you have a negative emotion, that is an ALARM telling you to turn to Allah (swt) and to start coping. Please use your negative emotions as a cue to turn to Allah (swt).

Here is a list of 21 coping ideas that have helped me:

1. Make duaa to Allah (swt) and tell Him about your feelings and ask Him for help

2. Read the Quran

3. Talk to a caring person

4. Go outside for a walk

5. Question and clarify your inner thoughts and feelings

6. Support and encourage yourself as if you are your own best friend

7. Take 10 deep breaths

8. Drink a hot cup of tea or a glass of water

9. Read inspirational quotes and poetry

10. Exercise

11. Avoid situations that cause you stress (such as being around difficult people)

12. Train yourself to feel calm during stressful situations

13. Focus on what you are thankful for

14. Let go of thoughts that are not helpful to you

15. Write in a journal

16. Visit a neighbor

17. Watch funny videos

18. Chew gum

19. Draw and color pictures of things and places that make you feel safe and happy

20. View beautiful scenes of nature

21. Hug somebody

What are some other coping ideas that help you to deal with negative moments in your life?


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