Free Coaching Session by Sister Huma or Brother Shehzad

Sister Huma:

(For Women Only) Contact Certified Coach Huma Z. Ahmed for a free 30 minute discovery session if You are Ready to up-level your life with efficient and quick solutions for any of the following challenges/problems:

  1. THE ART OF MAKING IT HAPPEN FOR WRITERS Coaching for Creatives pertaining to writing and self-publishing
  2. HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR TRIAL INTO TRIUMPH Coaching for people in grief and suffering over personal loss(es) looking for not to just cope with loss but gain from it
  3. SPIRITUAL SELF-DISCOVERY FOR LIFE AND BUSINESS Coaching for clarity over direction in life and business

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Simply Click the Book Now button on the Facebook Page or send her a brief message with your problem/challenge you want to overcome. The 30 minute initial session is free to help establish a trustworthy & professional client and coachee relationship to proceed further.  (Please try not to miss your appointment!)
Click the Book Now button on the Facebook Page

Brother Shehzad’s Relationship Rescue Coaching Free Session: