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Therapy from the Quran and Ahadith: book by Dr. Feryad Hussain

Then and Now: Food in the Time of the Prophet (saw) and Food Now: book by Umm Sakeenah

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★ The One who witnesses the saying and deeds of His creatures.

★ The Protector, The vigilant, the controller

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Mufti Menk, Omar Sulaiman, Nouman Khan, Saad Israa

Staying Strong Through Hardships:

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*Mufti Menk*

How to Make Your Spouse Happy


*Sheikh Said Rageah*

How to Raise Happy Children


*Sheikh Ali Hammuda*

How to Make Your Parents Happy


*Ustadh Asim Khan*

The Concept of Happiness and its Reality


*Qari Hazza alBalushi (Oman)*

1) Surah al-Mulk


2) Surah al-Rahman


3) Surah al-Qiyamah


*New Face to Face*

1) The Role of Mosques in Britain today

Imam Shakeel Begg


2) Persecution of Rohingya

Moazzam Begg


3) Changes to Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) and the Impact on Children

Yusuf Patel


4) Tackling Youth Violence

AbdulKarim Abdullah


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Islamic Dua and Azkar by

Umar ibn al khatab by Dr. Ali M Sallabi

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As Sirat (The Bridge)

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Modern Family

Going Through Tough Times?

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