7 Health Benefits of Fasting

“Fast and be healthy.” (The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, as recorded in Ibn As-Sunni and Abu Nu΄aym, and As-Suyuti graded it as Hasan.)

Alhamdulillah, the health benefits of fasting are becoming more apparent to the medical community. Fasting may one day be formally prescribed for cancer patients, according to a recent article by Dr. Joseph Mercola (link below).

Health experts have concluded that fasting:

1. Prevents and reverses cancer by starving cancer cells
2. Prevents and reverses obesity
3. Prevents and reverses heart disease by reducing bad cholesterol
4. Slows down the aging process (i.e. helps you to stay young!)
5. Prevents and reverses diabetes
6. Kills possible parasites in the body
7. Strengthens your digestive system by enabling your body to replenish digestive enzymes by giving your digestive system a rest

For more details, feel free to read the article in this link:


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