Muslims Stay Strong

Muslims stay strong,

When evil groups like ISIS

represent Islam

so wrong.


Muslims don’t lose heart,

When people who claim they are Muslims

Tear our world apart.


A true Muslim does not fight others

Unless they are fighting him,

A true Muslim respects all people

And knows that you can’t force religion. (Holy Quran 2:256)


True Muslims work for the poor,

the widows and the weak,

True Muslims are full of mercy,

It is not power they seek.


True Muslims bring honor

To the name of our beloved Prophet,

He taught us to do good deeds

To live for God, not for profit.


Muslims stay strong.

Islam teaches peace.

The Quran says that if the enemy stops fighting,

Then our fighting must also cease. (Holy Quran 8:61)


Muslims don’t lose heart.

Murder is not part of our faith.

To kill one innocent person

Is like killing the entire human race. (Holy Quran 5:32)


Islam gave rights to women

That they did not have before.

It ended the murder of baby girls

And marriages done by force.


Muslims we have to stay strong,

Our religion is being attacked,

By people who call themselves “Muslims”

But whose hearts are blacker than black.


Islam was not spread by the sword,

It was spread by kindness and love,

It says do good to all people (Quran 4:36)

And seek the pleasure of God above. (Quran 2:207).


  1. keyslog

    s Muslims, we believe in the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate God who is also the Most Powerful. … God’s promises are true and will happen if we stay strong in our faith, regardless of the external circumstances. Being optimistic, hopeful and perseverant are real ways to express our faith in action.

    1. Sheima (Post author)

      So true Alhamdulillah


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